RECIPE: Coconut yoghurt – no dairy…all yummy

I like yoghurt, it’s a healthy sweet treat, with lots of goodness…but yoghurt does not like me, bloating blah feeling EVERYTIME! Added to that, commercial brands add nasties and sugar sugar sugar, then I found this post about dairy free coconut yoghurt and my interest was peaked. I bought an easiyo yoghurt maker (but u don’t need one) and made this version and I am pleasantly surprised. I got this recipe from naughty naturopath mum,

Go to the above site for more in depth info and FAQ’s

What you need…
2 cans of ayam coconut cream (no preservatives in this brand)
4 tablespoons of yoghurt (starter)*
A yoghurt maker vessel or thermos or glass bowl
Sweetener to taste

* I used jalna creamy youghurt, which means mine is not totally dairy free, but u can buy coconut yoghurt at health food stores to start this

What to do
1. Mix coconut cream, starter and sweetener in a container (I used honey which was subtle but yummy. Can use maple syrup, rice malt etc)
2. Fill easiyo with boiling water and put canister with mixture in.
3. Leave on bench for 12 hrs plus. Check consistency and taste, then put in fridge to firm up further for a few hours.

* if using another container, see naughty naturopath mums link as it’s much more comprehensive with different versions.
* save 4 tablespoons on yoghurt to start your next one, I keep mine in freezer as it gets more sour the longer it sits
* lasts for about 5 days