Recipe: Blood Red Rasberry Chocolates


I’m going to say I made these look gory because its Halloween, not that they went a little wrong visually but definitely right on the palette. In the words of lil miss 4 “yum mummy, more chocolate please!”

I got this recipe from the whole food simply blog. Her recipes are quite amazing..go have a look if you haven’t already. I substituted medjool dates for sultanas because I didn’t have dates.

what you need
4 tablespoons coconut oil
4 tablespoons cacao
3 tablespoons honey
1 cup frozen rasberries
Handful of sultanas or 4 medjool dates

what you do
1. Blitz raspberry and sultanas until smooth
2. Melt coconut oil, cacao, honey in a pan over low heat
3. Fill a muffin tin half with chocolate mix. Add a spoon of raspberry mix. Top with rest of chocolate
4. Put in freezer to set.

Note: if u let the bottom set in the freezer before adding the raspberry mix and top chocolate, it will be neater. I am keeping these in the fridge, not the pantry.

Enjoy xx