Recipe: mum’s spinachi stufatti (her Italian version of braised spinach)

I grew up watching her eat this recipe of greens. I call it spinach but she uses all sorts of greens, usually bitter ones like chima di rappe (sorry about the spelling but it’s an Italian translation and not a popular green) lately she has done the same thing using Chinese greens like choy sum buk choy etc. In my older age I have realised my mum is the traditional whole food cook/clean eater minus the label or movement. Fresh, real ingredients.

I used to think it was disgusting, it now it’s one of my favourite recipes. It’s so simple and so tasty and if you are eating grains, dipping your bread in the juice is divine!

What you need
A bunch of greens (dark green is best), washed and chopped into bite size pieces roughly,
Half an onion, chopped
Garlic clove, crushed
A ripe tomato, cut in chunks
Salt, be generous
Olive oil, about a tablespoon to 2
1/4 cup of water or use juice from the spinach or tomatoes

What you do
Heat a saucepan, with the olive oil
Add the onion and sauté lightly
Add the garlic and stir to combine
Add the tomato, stirring to mix
throw in the greens, salt and pepper, water and stir
Put a lid on it and
Reduce the heat to a simmer for about 10-20 minutes (10 if spinach already cooked, 20 if raw)
Check to ensure it’s not burning or needs more water, add if need be
Taste to ensure seasoning is to your liking

Serve with crusty bread, toast or crackers.