Salted cashew and dried cranberry chocolate clusters

I don’t know why I keep making this, because I just keep eating it. It’s so moorish and delicious. I make the chocolate, so it’s not store bought or full of preservatives and no dairy.

Nuts and dried fruit are good for you right? (Yeah, that’s what you’ll tell yourself too once you finish the batch in one fell swoop).

What you Need
4 Tablespoons coconut oil
4 Tablespoons cacao powder
3 Tablespoons sweetener (I used raw honey and rice malt syrup)
2 handfuls dried cranberries
3 cups of salted cashews (add more if there is too much chocolate)

What you do
Melt the coconut oil and sweetener and stir till combined
Add fruit and nuts and stir till all coated in the chocolate mixture
Pour onto a baking tray lined with baking paper and spread out to ensure all nuts are in the chocolate mixture
Sprinkle some sea salt over the top if you want more salty
Place in fridge for an hour until set.
Break into pieces and try not to eat it all at once.

Note: store this in the fridge. The chocolate is not stable and will melt at room temperature.

Love to see what you think of this one.



Recipe: healthy ‘tiny teddy’s’


Delicious little biscuits that soothe a sweet tooth. These little babies are perfect for making with the kids. They are quick, use a food processor and store well. I got this recipe from

I amended the recipe to use half gluten free flour, half almond meal, but you just use all gf plain flour for nut free version. What I love about the recipe is the portion size makes it quick and easy to make without that overwhelming feeling that baking large batches sometimes causes (to me at least ). Oh, and they are delicious. You can add chocolate but I left mine plain and the honey makes the so sweet. They are crunchy and a little crumbly as is the case with gluten free baking but so good. My dough was quite oily and although it rolled out well, it was fragile so a bit harder for delicate little fingers to keep the shapes they made, handle with care when transferring to baking sheet.

What you do
1/2 cup gluten free plain flour (I used aldi has no brand)
1/2 cup almond meal
2 heaped tablespoons honey
2 heaped tablespoons coconut oil or 50 grams of finely chopped butter, not melted.
1/2 teaspoon concentrated natural vanilla extract
pinch of salt

1 tablespoon cacao or cocoa (optional)

What you do
Preheat oven to 175 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Combine the ingredients in your blender or food processor
Pulse and blitz until mixture comes together, scrape sides if necessary until it starts to stick together, about a minute or so
Form a ball of dough with your hands, and wrap in cling film. Fridge for 5-10 minutes. Mix will be soft.
Roll the mixture out between two sheets of baking paper,
cut into desired shapes and bake for 5 – 8 minutes, allow to cool completely before touching.

That’s it, enjoy!

Recipe: Chocolate chip (chickpea) and peanut butter cookies

Chickpea choc chip cookies

These cookies sounded so strange that I just had to try them and I was not disappointed. The dough is as delicious as the cooked version and little miss 4 said "you make the best cookies in the world mama" SUCCESS !

These can be eaten cold or warm and are a soft, chewy good, I just could not stop at one! The stash is finished now, so need to make more. I will be making them with my home made almond butter next time to make them even healthier and might try to omit the chocolate…or not 😉

As much as I'd like to take credit for this little invention, this recipe was taken from eatgood4life (see link below if you like).

A can of chickpeas (standard size), drained, rinsed and pat dry
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup honey
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 cup chocolate chips

1. Preheat oven to 180 c and prep your baking tray with paper or whatever you use
2. put all ingredients in a food processor, except chocolate chips
3. Process until mixture comes together, scrape down sides to ensure its all mixed together (a few minutes)
4. Add the chocolate chips and stir to incorporate. I only had block chocolate, so I threw in the blocks and pulsed to break it up
5. try not to eat all the dough at this point (but its so very good) it will be thick and sticky
6. Roll balls of mixture (I used a tablespoon worth) and place on baking tray. Flatten slightly
7. Bake for 15 -20 mins until a crack appears
8. Eat warm or cold

* I used store bought peanut butter because that’s all I had but original recipe suggests natural pb or almond butter, add a pinch of salt if none exists in your nut butter
* sun butter can be used to replace pb for a nut free version
* this dough holds its shape quite well when cooking, so press down to size u want them before cooking
* cookie dough can be frozen, roll into balls before freezing to make it easier to bake later

Enjoy 🙂

Recipe: Blood Red Rasberry Chocolates


I’m going to say I made these look gory because its Halloween, not that they went a little wrong visually but definitely right on the palette. In the words of lil miss 4 “yum mummy, more chocolate please!”

I got this recipe from the whole food simply blog. Her recipes are quite amazing..go have a look if you haven’t already. I substituted medjool dates for sultanas because I didn’t have dates.

what you need
4 tablespoons coconut oil
4 tablespoons cacao
3 tablespoons honey
1 cup frozen rasberries
Handful of sultanas or 4 medjool dates

what you do
1. Blitz raspberry and sultanas until smooth
2. Melt coconut oil, cacao, honey in a pan over low heat
3. Fill a muffin tin half with chocolate mix. Add a spoon of raspberry mix. Top with rest of chocolate
4. Put in freezer to set.

Note: if u let the bottom set in the freezer before adding the raspberry mix and top chocolate, it will be neater. I am keeping these in the fridge, not the pantry.

Enjoy xx

Recipe: Peanut butter banana choc ice ‘cream’

peanut butter banana choc ice cream

delighfully delectable. deliciously sinful…not really!

This is so decadent and rich. The only problem is trying to sto stop and convince myself its not a breakfast food! I saw this on a fb post but lost the recipe, so I took a guess and eye balled the ingredients. Did the finger test to see if it suited me (ie. dip and lick). The following makes about 1 cup.

What you need
1 frozen banana
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoons cacao

What you do

Put it all in the food processor (except honey) and blitz
Scrape down the sides a few times till its all mixed
Drizzle honey over the top and blitz again
Taste and add whatever yo suit your taste
Put in a container and freeze for at least half an hour (if you can wait that long).