Recipe: egg substitute (flax egg)

Good one to remember to replace egg in a recipe for any reason. Using flax seeds does the same thing as egg in a recipe! Go vegan ingenuity. The following is copied from a comment on my whole food life blog:

All you do is 1 T flax meal + 3 T warm water.
Whisk together and place in the fridge for a minute or two. It will become gummy like a real egg. Perfect for those who have allergies.


Recipe: mum’s spinachi stufatti (her Italian version of braised spinach)

I grew up watching her eat this recipe of greens. I call it spinach but she uses all sorts of greens, usually bitter ones like chima di rappe (sorry about the spelling but it’s an Italian translation and not a popular green) lately she has done the same thing using Chinese greens like choy sum buk choy etc. In my older age I have realised my mum is the traditional whole food cook/clean eater minus the label or movement. Fresh, real ingredients.

I used to think it was disgusting, it now it’s one of my favourite recipes. It’s so simple and so tasty and if you are eating grains, dipping your bread in the juice is divine!

What you need
A bunch of greens (dark green is best), washed and chopped into bite size pieces roughly,
Half an onion, chopped
Garlic clove, crushed
A ripe tomato, cut in chunks
Salt, be generous
Olive oil, about a tablespoon to 2
1/4 cup of water or use juice from the spinach or tomatoes

What you do
Heat a saucepan, with the olive oil
Add the onion and sauté lightly
Add the garlic and stir to combine
Add the tomato, stirring to mix
throw in the greens, salt and pepper, water and stir
Put a lid on it and
Reduce the heat to a simmer for about 10-20 minutes (10 if spinach already cooked, 20 if raw)
Check to ensure it’s not burning or needs more water, add if need be
Taste to ensure seasoning is to your liking

Serve with crusty bread, toast or crackers.



Recipe: Sensational Smoothie banana choc peanut butter green smoothie

I felt like something decadent and creamy this morning, so I threw together this combination which was absolutely delicious
and dessert like. I make a similar one for the kids that I pass off as a chocolate milk shake, little do they know it’s packed full of goodness and greens 🙂

In a blender (I use a small rocket blender) add:

A handful of baby spinach
A banana
A heaped teaspoon of peanut butter
Half fill with coconut water
Top it up with almond milk (mine is sweetened)
Add a tablespoon of cacao (the good stuff)

Blitz for a while. Add ice to cool down and go to your happy place drinking the sensational smoothie.

Enjoy 🙂


Lost in recipe land

I’m having one of those moments where I just don’t know what to cook. Many of my issues have resolved themselves and I find myself falling into old habits, eating gluten, more meat, drinking alcohol. My adventures to find new, healthier recipes are at war with what i know. It’s not somewhere I want to go back to because I know what’s down that road and it’s not good. Need to find a way to be inspired again…just wanted to put it out there.

Recipe: Mango Banana Coconut ‘ice cream’

Gluten free, dairy free, egg free…just fruit and coconut cream

I got the urge to buy an ice cream machine. My husband said ‘don’t do it, then we will just eat ice cream ALL the time’. He has a point. I tried to justify it because I could make lactose free ice cream, but still..all that sugar and fat is no good either. My sister bought me a frozen treat machine, the one that turns frozen fruit into luscious, creamy, ice creamy desserts for Christmas and the little foodie experimenter clogs in my brain start turning, I could just use that, and OMG, I think the possibilities are endless in terms of flavour combinations. Although I’m yet to try this, I think if u mixed your favourite ingredients together, froze them in ice cubes and then put those through the machine, you could create culinary drool worthy masterpiece’s. I feel, my next few blogs will be an ode to fruit ice cream. Here is my recipe for banana mango coconut cream ice cream.

What You Need
1 frozen banana
1 cup of frozen mango
2 ice cubes (or tablespoons) of coconut cream or milk

What You Do
Allow the fruit to defrost for about 15 mins if using the machine, or microwave for about 10/20 sec to soften. The frozen coconut cream needs more time as it’s quite dense.
Put fruit etc through the machine, stir and serve.

Don’t have a machine?
Just blitz everything in a blender or processor until combined. Tip. I find this heats
it up a but so it’s not so ice creamy. If this happens, put back in freezer for about an hour before eating (if u can wait that long).

Frozen banana tends not to taste like banana when mixed with other things. It’s just your creamy base, however when it starts to melt that banana taste comes through a little more. I’m not sure of the consistency of re freezing after blitzing or blitzing non frozen fruit then freezing, so if you know, please comment and fill us in.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do. A great way to use ripe bananas and mangoes.


Mangoes are in season in Australia at the moment, and today I bought extra because it was a tray of 6 for $5! How can I say no to that? So, after surfing the web for recipes, I came across a mango,coconut,chia seed pudding that is dairy free. It’s in the fridge doing its thing, and I just need to go to sleep so it can be morning and I can eat it. I have not shared the recipe because I don’t know if it will taste good, but it’s a mango pudding, so I can’t see how it will not be delicious! Watch this space for an update…

Ps. If you can’t wait, the original recipe is on the yummly site, just search it.


I have been a little slack keeping up this blog, which shows that I have also been slack in my research for better ways to eat for my body. I had my gall bladder removed in mid December and the relief was almost instant! It was not only full of stones but also diseased which is why I was in constant pain.

On a positive note, waiting nearly nine months to have the operation (good ole public wait list) forced me to look at my diet and what I was putting into my mouth. I have learnt so much about food and my eyes are open. When I go into a supermarket, it’s like being in the matrix and knowing what’s really going on. All the crapola and poison that is put in our food, and we put it in our mouths with no thought..I know better now. But I still falter and go for taste sometimes knowing full well it’s doing me damage.

My bowel inflammation has also settled and I’m sure it was linked to the diseased gall bladder. Having reintroduced many foods back into my diet, like gluten and alcohol (it’s the holiday season ok!) I’m fairly certain is a dangerous path to re activating the ibs and possible crohns. So I’m writing this as a reminder to myself that a healthy diet is a healthy body and life and not to slip into old habits. Back on the wholefood boat kiddo. Cheers.